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GBS Warriors

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“So my beautiful baby girl was born with GBS but it went undetected for 2 days, she refused a feed off me and she just didn’t look right on herself, fast forward a few hours, myself and husband taken her to A&E to be told the next few hours are critical 😢 I didn’t leave her side, they ran tests and tests, then we got the news.. StrepB meningitis and sepsis ! We stayed in the hospital for 5 weeks, multiple antibiotics to fight the infection! The infection caused her to have brain damage, epilepsy, and other life changes, the biggest one for her is cerebral palsy! But every day she amazes us with how far she has come!”


“I was one of the lucky ones who found out I had GBS as I went in to see my midwife to see if I was in early labor. Luckily I wasn't, but one of the tests did come back saying I had GBS. They gave me a leaflet and told me not to worry and that during labor I would be put on an antibiotic drip. My waters broke 3 weeks before my due date, I arrived to the hospital where I spent ages waiting for them to check if I was in labor. They started sending me home and then at last minute said no you need to go straight to the ward where they're going to put you on a hormone drip to start the contractions. My waters had been broken for about 5 hours by this point. It was a long painful labor, after 16 hours and only getting to 1cm dilated I decided to have an epidural. 16 more hours later and 2 hours of pushing and being cut, out he came. I was completely knackered, overwhelmed and in love', but they didn't explain anything to me, the hospital took him and said he needs to be put on antibiotics straight away. Naturally, I thought the worst, but he is a fighter and after 5 days of antibiotics his infection went and he made a great recovery. I won't know the full effects as he is still so young, but he is a happy, babbling, hilarious little one year old.” -Kirsty

“Ayda was born after a very quick labor on 1st June 18. She was stunning, head full of hair and peachy soft skin. We took her home where her brother and sister were equally as in love with her. Everything was perfect, she settled in well to our family life. On 28th June she woke up and seemed irritated, I thought she had the usual colic, she often struggled getting her wind up. By the afternoon she was very quiet, had refused Two bottles. She had slept on me for two hours. When she woke up she looked different. She had a constant stare gaze to the left and was grunting. We took her straight to the doctor who then sent us straight to hospital. She was rushed to resus and all of a sudden surrounded by a team of doctors, cannulas went in, blood cultures taken and put on high flow oxygen. Her heart rate was through the roof and when her bloods came back her infection markers were very very high. She was transferred to HDU where started her on antibiotics and antiviral medication. The next morning she had a lumbar puncture which confirmed bacterial meningitis. Cultures came back and we discovered late-onset group b strep. She was sent for MRI which confirmed she also had encephalitis and a multifocal infarction. Heartbroken is an understatement. The next few days she responded well to treatment however the seizures then started and she wasn't responding well to medication to stop them. She had loading dose After loading dose and it took 48 hours to get them under control. Eventually, they did and we spent a further 3 weeks in the hospital for her course of treatment and getting her back feeding. Ayda suffered significant damage to most of her brain, we were told to expect significant disabilities and she's high risk of epilepsy. So far she's doing amazingly. We couldn't be prouder of our little Warrior. She has some muscle tone issues, awaiting EEG results for possible seizure activity and a few other things but on the whole, she is powering through and seems such a determined little thing. We are beyond lucky.” -Amy


“16/01/2009 a day ill never forget, I lost my first baby when I got pregnant a month later I was told that a swab that was done in the first pregnancy showed I was Strep B positive and could have been a factor as to how I lost the baby. I then went on to have my rainbow baby Jake 04/11/2009, and I had the correct dose of antibiotics and he was born perfectly fine and is now a thriving 9-year-old, my second son Callum was born 28/09/2015. Unfortunately I wasn't cared for the same with Callum as I was jake and I was left 9 hours over the 24 hours of having ruptured waters and only got half an hours worth of antibiotics instead of 4 hours, but my son seemed perfect, about 9 hours after he was born a pediatric doctor came to see me and because I had two risk factors 1.rupture of membrane over 24 hours. 2.strep b, they had to give him a course of antibiotics and they needed to take Callum to check him over and he would be back in an hour, over an hour passed so I asked if everything is ok, a midwife came and told me that my son had a low heart rate and had been admitted to the special care baby unit,it was the most heartbreaking thing seeing him in an incubator,he had numerous blood test and had to have a lumbar puncture and was started on regular antibiotics, by Tuesday (29th) night Callum was well enough to come back to the ward with me,his heart rate still low but some tests came back clear and it was ruled that he just has a low baseline heart rate when he's asleep. Wednesday (30th) evening we got the final news from the final test we had been waiting for, we got the all clear! It was such a relief and we have a bubbly 3-year-old little boy, I have then gone on to have a baby girl Ava-Rose who conveniently was born on baby loss awareness and is a rainbow baby her self 15/10/2018 and I was induced so everything with my antibiotics went to plan and she is amazing” -Lauren